05 October, 2005

LETTER: Dingo Creek logging continues

Author: Tony Hastings

Letter submitted to the Age follows:

The logging at Dingo Creek on the Errinundra Plateau continues, destroying old-growth forest, threatened species habitat and rainforest values within a National Heritage sited site, a Rainforest Site of National Significance and
so called “Special Management Zone”.

These values include “Catchment integrity” and “Scientific value,” which are undoubtable being lost due to the logging. Despite being warned in 2001 that this logging was contrary to the Code of Forest Practice and Management Plan, the DSE refuse to modify the logging plans.

Following arrests at the 2001 blockade, 2 botanists testified that rainforest had been logged and the Supreme Court of Victoria ruled that logging contrary to the Code of Practice is illegal. Why is the DSE allowed to show such contempt for environmental laws?

A private landowner who clears forest like this would be prosecuted.

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