29 March, 2007

LETTER: Kyoto conundrum

Geoff Richardson, Glen Iris
The Age, 29/1/07

THE Labor Party is keen to sign the Kyoto Agreement but has not advised us which industries it would have to close in order to comply with the Kyoto emission requirements.

Countries with nuclear power stations would find it easier to sign the agreement than countries like Australia whose electricity is mostly provided by coal-fired power stations. The closing of several coal-fired power stations and industries with large electricity consumption would probably be required if the Labor Party were serious about Australia signing the agreement.

The planting of vast areas of forest is a better and quicker means of achieving carbon dioxide emission stabilisation, at least until alternative methods can be properly evaluated. But rather than engaging in the reforestation of South-East Asia, why not start in Australia by turning low-productivity agricultural land back into forest?

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