02 December, 2008

LETTER: Taking the timber

Domenic Gibbs, Moonee Ponds
Letter to the Editor, The Age, December 2, 2008

Philip Dalidakis' article is a welcome change from the emotive rhetoric that seems to dominate the logging debate. Many viewpoints on this issue are high on sentiment and low on facts and science.

As a former doubter of the timber industry's credentials, I can see how environmentalism is turning into ideology. With 3.2 million hectares of forests already in protected reserves, it would be more environmentally beneficial to properly manage our remaining forests for timber production rather than import more illegally logged timber.


Anonymous said...

Mr Dalidakis is a CONSUMATE business lobbyist and very good at murkying the waters by using no real scientific facts but rhetoric to suit his agenda, for that he should be congratulated....!

Anonymous said...

Phillip Dalidakis uses facts. The no-logging lobby on the other hand use any number of stalking horses to achieve said goal and hides behind emotion and pseudo-science - for that they should not be congratulated.