13 August, 2010

LETTER: Signs there decades ago

Judith Wakeman, Templestowe

The Age, August 13, 2010

THOSE asserting that thousands of jobs will be lost and rural towns decimated by the decision to suspend logging should ask the forestry industry and state governments why they did not heed the recommendations of the Land Conservation Council review into East Gippsland in 1986, which stated that the industry was operating at twice the level required to ensure it was sustainable, and that the biggest threats to employment in the forestry industry were unsustainable practices and the development and implementation of methods aimed at greater efficiency.

The review also stated that the best hope for increasing employment opportunities was in the environmental education and tourism industries, provided they were properly supported.

These opportunities are undermined by logging activities.

Maybe this decision will open the door to an alternative future for Gippsland.

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