16 July, 2011

Marr to manage chip mill

The Mercury, 16 July 2011

THE new owners of the Triabunna woodchip mill have appointed controversial former Wilderness Society executive director Alec Marr general manager of the venture.

Mr Marr has been prominent in the native forestry debate and recently fell out with the Wilderness Society after an annual meeting upset an opposing faction.

He was a member of the Wilderness Society for 30 years and set a tree-sitting record at Farmhouse Creek in 1986 before taking part in numerous protest campaigns.

Triabunna Investments director Graeme Wood said Mr Marr was chosen because of his intimate understanding and knowledge of Tasmania. "I think Alec has probably matured or changed his attitude since the implosion of the Wilderness Society," Mr Wood said.

"I think he probably sees the world slightly differently now.

"Here's his great opportunity to prove that this is the case.

"He understands and knows all of the people in the various groups.

"We would be hard pressed to come up with anyone else who had such an understanding of the issues."

Mr Wood said it was Mr Marr's responsibility to look at the investment from a non-partisan point of view.

"If he doesn't do that then he will lose his job," he said. "We needed somebody with their feet under the table now and we needed to keep the momentum going on this."

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