14 February, 2012

Nordic countries choose bioenergy

Andrew Lang, Lismore
The Age, letter, 14 Feb 2012

LISTENING to the Greens, one would think bioenergy was solely electricity from native forest residues. In reality it is heat, electricity and transport fuels from many sources of wastes and residues, including municipal wastes and sewage, using a number of technologies. Bioenergy is the major renewable across the European Union, and the largest source of renewable energy globally after hydro power. In Denmark, biomass generates three times the energy as wind does. In Sweden it produces more energy than any other single source. But in Australia, where biomass (not including forestry waste) could supply 30 per cent of our energy, its coherent development has been blocked for 10 vital years by the Greens and their offshoots - supposedly the environment's custodians.

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