21 November, 2012

Forest sites saved from logging

The Age, November 21, 2012

An out-of-court settlement between VicForests and environmental groups has ensured protection of nine nationally significant rainforest sites in East Gippsland.

VicForests said the settlement had saved taxpayers' money being spent on a costly Supreme Court trial.

VicForests' director of corporate affairs Nathan Trushell said the outcome was a practical solution to a complex legal argument over an administrative matter.

He said the issue related to the management of forest adjacent to rainforest stands and that no rainforest was at risk of being harvested.

Jill Redwood, coordinator of Environment East Gippsland, said the settlement meant VicForests agreed to no logging at three forest areas and to modify their logging boundaries in another six rainforests sites of national significance.

She said the state government, through the Department of Sustainability and Environment, should have protected all significant rainforest sites but had failed to do so.

"We believe that the law requires them to do so and that none of the sites should be on the logging schedule," Ms Redwood said.


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