24 December, 2007

LETTERS: Creators of a corporate beast

Larry Tofler, Tea Gardens
Letter to the editor, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 December 2007

A young girl is arrested, charged, fined and forced to pay compensation after attempting to save a forest from logging ("Tree-sitting activist wins high praise from judge", December 22). Even her judge can't help but offer praise for her efforts.

Her opponent was not even a person, just a legal entity, a corporation - little more than a piece of paper. And we created it. We gave it the same legal rights as a person, and worse, we obliged it by law to put the profits of its shareholders over all other concerns - be they social, environmental or otherwise.

We created monsters that have become our own worst enemy and nothing is being done about that because corporations wouldn't like that.

Matt Caine, Tamarama

Holly Creenaune proves once and for all that nice gels do climb trees. More power to you, Holly.

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