20 December, 2011

MEDIA RELEASE Rainforest case - logging ban extended to January 2012

Jill Redwood, Environment East Gippsland

The East Gippsland rainforest case will be adjourned today, with the temporary halt to logging extended until late January.

"This is a good outcome", said Jill Redwood from Environment East Gippsland. "Our lawyers have filed some very impressive court documents to show that the forests are within the boundaries of a National Rainforest Site of Significance."

"We look foreword to going to court in January, to seek permanent protection for the forests."

"It is just incredible that in this day and age, that a small local environment group has to take on a government agency to prevent the illegal logging of a National Rainforest Site of Significance. Most of the developed world knows the value of forests and rainforest, but the Baillieu government doesn't."

For comment: Jill Redwood - 03 5154 0145

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