20 March, 2012

Failed energy subsidies push 'fantastic' for forests

ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation),  March 20, 2012

Forest campaigners say a failed bid to subsidise the burning of forest waste will protect Western Australia's forests from more logging.

A motion by independent MP Rob Oakeshott called for valuable renewable energy certificates for electricity generated from state forest waste.

The motion was rejected in Federal Parliament yesterday.

A spokeswoman for the WA Forest Alliance, Jess Beckerling, says it is a win for forests around the country.

"It's a really strong indication that common sense has prevailed," she said.

"It was a very, very close vote but what it's shown is that people are really concerned about the destruction of native forest, particularly when that destruction is for such low value products."

Ms Beckerling says the result will protect Australian forests from an increase in logging.

"[It's a] wonderful result for forests and wildlife in WA and also around Australia," she said.

"Huge, enormous old karri trees and marri trees would have been fed into the furnaces.

"So it's a fantastic result for the forests that that won't be happening."

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