14 March, 2012

Retrain sooner, not later

John Storey, Hornsby, NSW
The Age, (letter), March 14, 2012 

SOONER or later the Baillieu government will need to help train and create lasting, sustainable jobs for the handful of people currently employed to log East Gippsland native forests. If it is done sooner rather than later, the state will not only save a small fortune in taxpayer subsidies, but will give my grandchildren the same opportunity to enjoy the splendour of those beautiful, unique forests that I enjoyed as a child.

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Trevor Brown said...

The East Gippsland timber industry currently puts breakfast on the table for more than 2000 residents throughout its scattered communities, In October 2010, 619 direct jobs were identified - you can double that figure if you include the support jobs. I don't know how big your hands are John but you wouldn't want a "handfull of them" standing on them! Put away your bias and get real.