08 January, 2008

LETTER: The big picture

Vivienne Ortega, Heidelberg Heights
Letter to the editor, The Age, 8/1/08

The Victorian Government focuses on details such as limiting water for household gardens but misses the big picture. We are having one of the greatest droughts on record, with record high temperatures. With Melbourne's water supplies at an all-time low, the catchment areas of the Thomson and Armstrong need to be permanently protected from logging. Thirsty young saplings, the regrowth, need more water than old forests.

Instead of an expensive and unpopular desalination plant, we should be protecting our existing catchment areas, supporting their efficiency and encouraging further water recycling.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed. Our water catchments are at about 26%, we have had record low levels of rain, and still about 2000 new residents are pouring into Victoria each week! Why should people comply to Target155 while our State government has such contradictory policies, preaches "sustainability" yet their actions are completely otherwise!