10 November, 2010

Government pursues Brown Mountain protest charges

Magistrates Court at Melbourne, Wednesday 10 November 2011

In August 2010 the Supreme Court of Victoria found that logging at Brown Mountain was unlawful.
Concerned members of the community protested against logging at Brown Mountain as surveys revealed the existence of threatened species.  The government criminally charged these individuals for protesting and their charges have come before the Court today.

Lawyer for the individuals charged, Vanessa Bleyer, invited the government to withdraw the charges.

“Minister Jennings and Premier Brumby should do the right thing and withdraw the charges against those individuals who were taking steps to stop the government breaking the law,” Ms Bleyer said “particularly when their purpose has effectively been vindicated by the Supreme Court”.

“The government refused to withdraw the charges despite the Supreme Court finding that logging at Brown Mountain would be unlawful” she said.

“The individuals are now put to the time and expense of defending the charges against them in the Magistrates’ Court” she continued.

Today, the Court will determine when the matters will next be listed in Court before the final hearing.

For further information contact Vanessa Bleyer on 03 9600 4224 or 0412 58 68 48.

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