19 August, 2011

Destruction on our doorstep

Ray and Marion Lewis, Toolangi
The Age (letter),  19 August 2011

WE ARE appalled that the Baillieu government is so negligent in caring for Victoria's endangered species. It seems to be unable to learn from mistakes of the past that have led to so many species becoming extinct. In Toolangi we are trying to preserve the last of the Leadbeater's possum habitat and other precious animals after the devastating Black Saturday fires. Logging in this area will push many animals to extinction. Our government has a responsibility to govern for all in this state, and I am sure most people would prefer to save our state's emblem. No amount of money earned from logging could make up for the loss of a species which once lost, is lost forever.

The government plans to weaken the laws that prevent logging from areas with endangered wildlife. We hear about logging in Indonesia and Brazil laying waste to vast areas. The same thing is happening on our doorstep. We need to preserve our native forests, especially on the edge of Melbourne as they help attract the rain to our catchments and moderate the temperature.

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