20 November, 2006

ABC ONLINE: Brown voices support for logging protest


Greens Senator Bob Brown has come out in support of environmentalists protesting against old growth logging in the Weld Valley in southern Tasmania.

The arrest tally for activists is now up to 16 after two protesters locked themselves to a log and a bulldozer.

Forestry workers are trying to build a road for further logging, but conservationists are trying to get world heritage listing for the area.

Jenni Webber from the Huon Valley Environment Centre says the protest will continue despite the arrests.

Senator Bob Brown likens Tasmania's forest practices to those in the Amazon and Indonesia, in terms of the clearing and burning of forests.

He calls Tasmania's forest policies madness and says they are contributing to climate change.

"It's the Minister for Forests who should be in the dock, because what's happening there is a crime against nature," hesaid.

Senator Brown says using police to protect forestry interests is a mismanagement of resources.

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