04 November, 2006

ABC ONLINE: Timber industry to back Baillieu in election

ABC Online
Saturday, November 4, 2006

The logging industry is backing Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu in the election campaign after last night's leadership debate.

Timber Communities Australia says Mr Baillieu gave a clear commitment to the industry but Mr Bracks would not.

The industry group says the Government faces a backlash similar to the one Mark Latham faced in the last federal election when timber communities united against Labor.

The Victorian manager, Scott Gentle, says regional communities will rally against Labor MPs in marginal country seats.

"His failure to commit to the industry is going to see us, we're going to start organising people and unless something is announced in the next week or two that shows that commitment, we'll be going pretty hard against them," he said.

A spokesman for Environment Minister John Thwaites says the Government will release its policies on logging and the environment soon.

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