21 November, 2006

ABC ONLINE: Forest action group threatens to run against Greens


A new environmental alliance known as the Global Warming Forest Action Group is threatening to run candidates against Western Australian Greens, after accusing them of supporting the logging of native forests.

The group wants all logging in the state's native forests to stop.

Group member Mark Sheehan from the Northcliffe Environment Centre says the Greens' forest policy supports the Labor Government's continuing logging.

Mr Sheehan says if it does not get a commitment from Greens' south-west MLC Paul Llewellyn, the group will campaign against them at the next state election.

"If they don't, we will run candidates against Paul Llewellyn and Giz Watson, stating that they have a policy of logging our forests and with global warming increasing by the week, we believe that people will be very disgusted with the Greens' policy," he said.

Mr Llewellyn says he is willing to hear the group's concerns, saying he acknowledges the important role forests play in climate change.

He says his party does not support the logging of old-growth forests.

"The Greens have never been pro-logging. What we've always said is that we should be getting our forest products from the plantation sector and from the farm forestry sector and that's where we believe that our real forestry of the future lies," he said.

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