07 November, 2006

LETTER: Tired old parties just don't get it

Alex Schlotzer, Sunshine North
Letter to The Age, 7/11/06

We have seen over the past week an unprecedented number of reports saying that we need more action to prevent environmental disasters. But what do we get from the tired old political parties? We get more rhetoric and empty promises.

I'm tired of the environment being treated with electoral contempt. We've had decades to do something about the water crisis and climate change, but history quite clearly shows us that the ALP, Liberals and Nationals have done nothing but pontificate. The ALP extends the life of Australia's dirtiest coal station (Hazelwood), supports "clean coal" and will not ban logging of our water catchments. The Liberals support nuclear energy, logging in catchments and want to build a dam that will cripple the Maribyrnong River. The Nationals continue to be lost in the wilderness on how to address climate change and the deepening water crisis.

It seems that the lavish promises being made are nothing more than hot air. The Greens are the only ones who take climate change, water and energy seriously, with comprehensive policies for real action.


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