25 October, 2010

Tamar Valley wrong place

Anne Layton-Bennett, Swan Bay, TasThe Age (letter), October 25, 2010

GUNNS withdrew the proposed pulp mill project from the independent Resource Planning and Development Authority in 2007 knowing full well it had been judged ''critically non-compliant''. When the project then received the government rubber stamp of approval in the fast-tracked and shameful approval process that followed, little attempt had been made to tackle any of these ''critically non-compliant'' aspects properly.

It is therefore disappointing that Gunns chief executive Greg L'Estrange is continuing to spruik this flawed and deeply unpopular pulp mill to potential investors. Hopefully they will have realised the Tamar Valley is, and always will be, the wrong place to build a pulp mill. And perhaps they have also reached the conclusion, correctly, that it will never receive the ''social licence'' - community acceptance - so crucial to Gunns' requirements. Mr L'Estrange now needs to accept this.

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